Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hair PUddle and free music marketing

In my relentless quest for the Ever New and radical deployments of offbeat marketing, I came face to face with my dream. A band based on anonymous art and free, individualized music product.

That's what they're about, and what's odd is, that's all you're ever going to know about them. They, whoever they may be, believe in free music. They facelessly and namelessly provide what they can. For you. For me. For us.

The operative word in that first sentence is not "free", which is common enough thanks to the super-empowering democratic internet and shrinking bandwidth costs, but "individualized". And the customized product is cranked out by anonymous artists...who have no wish for fame or notoreity.

Their entire concept is the band and the band is nothing more than the concept. Not flesh and blood. Not known or knowable. Not personal. But very compassionate in sharing their music with others at no charge.

Their music is somewhat like Violent Femmes with electronics.

Friend them on MySpace, then you can message them your land address, and they say they'll mail you a free CD.

"Free music for enslaved people" -

The Hair PUddle

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Scotty G. said...

Thanks for blogging about the PUddle. I hope that you're doing well.

Mr. H.P.