Tuesday, November 25, 2008

7 steps to increasing musical creativity

[Had a bad initial experience with a CD by a favorite band. Later, I liked and respected it more. I delete the details, so as not to offend said band.]

It got me to thinking about how creativity is expanded or lost. It's all about evolving, but that requires the proper methodology, or you just spin your wheels in similarities, or slide into an irrelevant and uninteresting tangent.

7 Steps to

1. Listen to other music artists: innovative, obscure, popular, experimental, eccentric, exotic.

2. Criticize your own music: what could be improved or removed?

3. Perfect what fans like in your music, as you incorporate new ideas.

4. Re-familiarize yourself with early pioneers in your genre.

5. Read music theory, history, and reviews of contemporary artists.

6. Practice the basics as you break the rules.

7. Improve your core techniques, learn new instruments, and force yourself, if only as a mind expanding experiment, to try to sound completely different from anything you've ever done before.

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