Thursday, November 27, 2008

marketing in a fear economy

How can you market a valuable product in an economy dominated by fear?

It was bad investments and poor management that caused the current irreversible global economic collapse.

New economies must arise, barter systems, independent of the globalist agenda and control. Trading, swapping, service for goods, goods for services, an expansion of underground and digital value generation and distribution.

We must create our own networks, more so now than ever. It's not just geeky or trendy, it's mandatory.

Fear in this economy arises from liars, swindlers, crooks, bullies, inepts, greedy and reckless business practices. Thus, your marketing must demonstrate, substantiate, prove, and focus on how you are the opposite.

You're not like the bad businesses out there.

You're sincere, honest, respected, trusted, transparent, proficient, experienced, user-centric, customized, altruistic, restrained, dignified, qualified, visionary. You must honestly and powerfully portray the trustworthiness and transparency of your company. You must listen to customers and meet their ever-evolving needs, sometimes before they're aware of them.

Slick tricks and greasy gimmicks won't work much anymore. Customers are far less exuberant, more cautious, and more cynical.

Treat them with understanding and respect.

Develop strong positive business karma, as you learn to do more with less, and to practice austerity, forbearance, and prudence.

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