Friday, November 21, 2008

you must change as economy crumbles

Companies are laying off and firing people. The biggest targets are slackers, sandbags, posers, mediocres, customer-loathers, insubordinates, dummies, and phonies, along with nutjobs, inepts, and lazies.

It's now urgent and mandatory that we all improve, or perish.

Your big idea had better be to help your business kick ass with quality and customer service...or you'll be chopped. If you've grown comfortable in your job, have stopped learning new things, and don't want to change, you're already dead. Evolve rapidly, or get left behind in the dumpster or gutter.

It's ruthless. It's already begun, what should have been done years, or decades, ago. Think of it as pruning. The dead and decayed, or intrusive and disruptive, limbs must be surgically removed, for the health and longevity of the healthy remainder.

What could you do now, today, to start improving? What books, blogs, or seminars could you take? Only the super strong, vastly smart, and very lucky will survive this financial tsunami. We must slow down on the fun and relaxation, and get extremely focused on learning more and experimenting with new ideas and technologies.

VoIP, blogs, live streaming video of events or demos, webinars, web conferencing, microblogging, wikis, file sharing, community-based search engines, ecommerce applications, online collaboration...which of these could be helpful to your business? Have you been avoiding any? Maybe it's time to get our butts in gear and get as proficient and experienced as possible.

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