Thursday, November 27, 2008

usability of Mumbai hotel security

As we review what we know of the Mumbai Massacre and Hostage Crisis, still "ongoing" as the sensationalist mainstream media love to remind us, what went wrong?

Well, at least we know that "intelligence-driven security" is shit security. Intelligence-driven security means: when there is no impeding danger, the security staff goofs off. Lulled by "no intelligence reports of upcoming attack", the team relaxes, lets down their guard, drifting further and further away from any sense of vigilance or condition of heightened alert.

Boredom strikes and lethargy, inattention, and unpreparedness set in like a thick mental cement. Your "intelligence-driven security" has become unintelligent, numb, worthless.

"Intelligence" means external reports from alleged experts and reliable informants. But whether these slackers had such information or not, that should have no impact on their adherence to training and retaliation against potential terrorist scenarios.

Security snipers, hidden, unknown, and constantly alert, are one solution to terrorist invasion of a hotel. As soon as bullets start to spray, the sniper takes him down with one shot to the head or heart.

Aside from what the grievances of the terrorists might be, for powerful nuclear nations to priss around like sissyboys in the face of violent extremists, it just seems stupid.

Lives were needlessly lost in Mumbai.

Government policy toward minorities (Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Jew, etc.) must be examined. We must listen to our enemies and at least consider their complaints and accusations, ensuring that any valid negatives are acknowledged and not spun off as "the best we could do with the information we had at that time" bullshit.

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Chase Ingersoll said...

You could apply a similar analysis to the Somali Pirate situation. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they do not equip each tanker with a couple of .50 cals, RPGs with laser and night vision systems. A minimal amount of training would make every crew member a deadly threat to any pirate ship within half a mile.