Wednesday, November 5, 2008

promoting your blog

When a business starts a new blog, one thing that's often neglected is promoting the blog. Consider your business blog to be a product, and promote it with the same enthusiasm. Your goal is to start a conversation with customers, let them see the human side of your business, and get feedback from readers.

You won't achieve any of your blogging goals if nobody knows about your blog.

Here are some suggestions for promoting your blog.

1. Post comments on other blogs relevant to your business and your customers.

2. Include your blog URL in all company promotions, sales literature, and advertising.

3. Make business cards devoted to your blog, with name of your business, URL of blog, and some text describing what your blog deals with (topics, issues, information) and contains.

4. Put a link to your blog on your main ecommerce or marketing website.

5. Put your blog business cards by the cash registers in your store.

6. Put your blog business cards in all mailings to customers.

7. Post interesting, valuable, unique content that will cause readers to spread word of mouth advertising about your blog.

The business card shown in the photo above is for my client Naturally Yours, an organic grocery and health food store. The webcam photo is a bit fuzzy. The text is as follows:

Naturally Yours Grocery
HEALTH (spelled out in vegetables like string beans and chilli peppers and carrots)
[blog URL]
Articles. Opinions. Videos. Photos
Interviews. Product Reviews. Giveaways

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