Friday, January 1, 2010

Vampires Deconstructed as Government and War

Vampires have become increasingly popular in our modern world. It's trendy to glorify vampirism. What's really motivating this cultural phenomenon? Is there a metaphoric message that society is driving into our consciousness?

The common definition of "vampire" is "A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people." (The Free Dictionary by Farlex).

The fact that women tend to be the victims shows the patriarchal domination aspect of vampirism, but female vampires, created by a male aggressor, are also common.

A variation on the vampire theme is the succubus: "A female demon supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps." (The Free Dictionary by Farlex).

Translate "sleep" as "unconscious", when one's guard is down, unaware, not realizing what's really happening, seduced by one's own deep unacknowledged desires, beyond the range of focused attention.

A male or female entity takes advantage of you. A patriarchal domination system. A seductive depravity that presents itself as flattery, fun, excitement, horror, the thrill of fear, a euphoric dysfunctionality.

What is the root reality of the vampire and succubus?

(1) corpse, something "dead" that normally is supposed to remain dead, but is now magically "alive"

(2) arises from a "grave", a confined chamber, coffin, not underground like most "dead" entities, where it is sleeping, merely pretending or appearing to be dead

(3) functions, moves, lives at "night" when normals are asleep, innocent, unaware

(4) attacks innocent, unsuspecting living people, using hypnotism, charisma, mysterious powers, the lure of the uncanny, the grotesque

(5) drains living people of their "blood", their life, their personhood, transforming, converting, evangelizing them into involuntary slaves, fellow vampires, the "undead" who nevertheless "live" but only on the life of others, non- or pre-vampiric entities

(6) strong sexual aspect is involved, swooning in the embrace, overcome by an evil attraction, an attraction to evil in exotic manifestation, with a gruesome version of "eternal life", joining the ranks of the seductive "undead"

(7) identification with "prince of darkness", the demonic, the depraved, colossal wickedness, in line with the macabre perversity of serial killers, child molesters, rapists, con artists, warmongering, all things in allegiance with death, doom, and destruction

(8) conquering people, or The People, with deception, lies, false promises, sexual allure, forbidden pleasures, preying on weakness, supernatural powers, esoteric practices, secret rituals, sneaking around in shadows and crypts and dark castles

(9) taking victims away from those who really love them, their husband, wife, family, morality.

What corresponds, in today's world, to these conditions and activities of the vampire and succubus? What is preying on people and sucking the life out of them? What is using occult powers with hidden agendas?

What offers itself as danger and hope? as the adrenalin rush of ruthless behavior? the wild excitation of predatory exploitation and rich reward?

What is robbing people of their hopes and dreams? their happiness and ethics? their dignity and independence?

What is feeding, secretly, non-transparently, deceptively, on our productivity, our resources as a nation and as individuals? What or who are the real parasites of society?

What entities love to sneak around and perform heinous acts? and then disappear in a fog of forgetfulness, denial, and self-righteousness?

What elements of society are shrouded in secrecy, mystery, and nefarious cloaks of impenetrable opacity?




Radical Military Extremism with its Doctrine of Eternal War and Winning Even When Wrong.


Enronish Corporations.

Criminals, especially the Wall Street variety.

Law enforcement that enforces unjust laws.

Churches that have become unspiritual country clubs.

Media, sedating us with sports, speculation disguised as news, mindless entertainment, vulgarity and immorality presented as humor and drama.

Trust in military might instead of moral right.

Obsession with success, victory, "winning" immoral wars that prop up corrupt governments and the profiteering of security agencies and arms manufacturers.



Exaltation of cruelty, sadism, the infliction of pain and suffering, as exemplified in violent video games, slasher films, and radical pseudo-patriotic militarism.

Anti-diversity as manifested in hatred toward gays, immigrants, the poor, non-conformists, the "different", the disabled, mentally challenged, lower class, manual laborers, women, blacks, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, peacemakers, artists, entrepreneurs, over-achievers, anarchists, non-partisans, environmentalists, spiritual teachers, independent thinkers.


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