Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Avoid Haiti Earthquake Donation Scams

Don't be an Impulse Donor, who gives money to anyone who claims to be a charity or a relief worker. Why be a victim of crime? Why be a chump who enriches a manipulative thief, preying on your sincerity and your good intentions?

Wise up. Learn the signs of a charity fraud. Know the tricks con artists use to take advantage of well-meaning kindness and generosity.

Here are some links that contain information about Haiti earthquake donation frauds, how to spot a scam, and how to donate wisely.

U.S. Dept. of Justice - FBI "Haitian Earthquake Relief Fraud Alert"

U.S. Dept. of Justice - FBI "Donation Fraud - Haitian Earthquake Relief Complaints"

Charity Navigator on Wikipedia

Charity Navigator blog: with warning about Wyclef Jean's Yele charity

Washington Post "Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation under financial scrutiny"

"FTC: Avoid Charity Fraud" Guide

CBS News "Red Cross Uses 9-11 Donations for Other Causes than 9-11 Victims"

CNN on Red Cross Mismanages Donated Funds for 9-11 Victims

Charity Fraud website

American Institute of Philanthropy Charity Watch

List of American Institute of Philanthropy approved Haiti charities

"Better Business Bureau: How to Vet Haiti Earthquake Charity Appeals"

"Better Business Bureau: Check Out a Charity" online review form

ABC News "Help Haiti But Beware"

ABC News "Haiti Relief Scam: First Email Spammers Appear"

"Guidelines for Appropriate Disaster Donations" Center for International Disaster Information

"Guidelines for Corporate Disaster Relief Donations" Center for International Disaster Information

"Haiti Earthquake Donations and Theology"



carrie said...

trying to comment dealing with difficulties

mrG said...

Our local schoolboard has partnered with Feed The Children, and on a quick google check I find Charity Watch listing them with such a bad rep that a google search for Charity Watch includes their Feed The Children page in the primary results!

Only ... when I then check with Charity Navigator, I find FTC rated highly, and even in the comments the worst they report is some concern over executive salaries (that are below what the School Board execs make ;)

So NOW what? Who's telling the truth here? If CW has such damning evidence against FTC, why does CN rate them 4 stars? And where are CW's references?