Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new job as Corporate IT Director and Web Systems Administrator

Just as I finished recording my first commercial Christian techno music CD, which will be distributed through a prestigious record label (more news later!), I just got hired for a new job.

I will now be the Corporate IT Director and Web Systems Administrator for a local company. This means I will handle all their ecommerce, internet marketing, video, digital photography, podcasts, website content, blogs, social media (including Twitter and Facebook), email, and network computer systems.

They will basically approve whatever I recommend, providing me the freedom and authority to implement or oversee all processes and technology designed to increase sales and improve customer service.

I was also told I could name my price, they'd pay me whatever I wanted, within reason. This company has been a client of mine for years now, and was my first social media client. I am a loyal customer of their products. I totally believe in their business, so I can really sink my teeth into my responsibilities.

Thanks to all my friends and fans who have helped me along the way with advice and support. I'm especially appreciative of the web professionals I've interacted with on SitePoint, Evolt, YCombinator,, WDVL, Twitter, and various discussion lists and online forums.

BTW, here's that Christian techno album (volume 2 of the Robert Alter Psalms translations) I completed last night:

Str8 Sounds "Eternal Majesty"


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Matt Searles said...

Wow!!! That stuff sounds freaking awesome man!!! Good job!!!