Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TechCrunch hacked twice now

The above screen capture shows that TechCrunch has been hacked again. I heard that they explained the first hack as being NOT a hack, but a "bad file uploaded to the comments section". That's hilarious. It's still a hack, and it's the easiest type of vulnerability to exploit.

Here is the text that appears in the screen cap (please excuse the rough language that I normally don't allow on this blog):

So Arrington, how much did all the media coverage yesterday brought you in trough the welcome.html ad you forced people to? What a fucking retarded move was that you twat. You should be thanking me and sucking on my fucking ballsack for not deleting everyone on the box and publishing the mysql, if that's what you want O.K, I can do that. Also, you fucking dickwads from sites like Yahoo!, BBC and plenty more, where the FUCK do you see adult content on ???????? I mean honestly, are you fucktards also in just for the money?!?!?!

The whole story is a geek comedy of grand proportions.

Apparently, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, ran an interstitial ad on TechCrunch to take advantage of increased traffic due to the first hack attack. So the hacker is scolding him for being an opportunist. You can't make this stuff up! LOL

If you have a WordPress blog, be afraid. Be very very afraid. Those Code Mess blogs are not what a professional person should use.

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