Saturday, August 14, 2010

Adorno is Art #2 Recently Added Highlights

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Str8 Sounds "Adorno is Art" ranks #2 in Recently Added Highlights on WFMU Free Music Archive. This song is from my Str8 Sounds "Aesthetic Theory" CD.

Steven Streight, of Str8 Sounds, performed live on WFMU with his earlier band Camouflage Danse, August 4, 1986, on the Dan the Immigrant Show (East Orange, NJ).

We are honored to be selected as a Recently Added Highlight.

WFMU Free Music Archive
Recently Added Highlights

(As of 2:40 AM Saturday August 14, 2010)

1. The Rope River Blues Band "A Dream"

2. Str8 Sounds "Adorno is Art"

3. Judenfrei "Black Mold Seance"

4. The Knaves "The Campfire Ethos"

5. Amazing/Wow "Covered in Blood"

6. RAUL "Latin America"

7. Weyes Bluhd "Liquor Castle"

8. Andrij Orel "Against Imagination"

9. Duane Pitre "Perfect/Imperfect" (live)

10. The Pleasure Kills "Chat With Efd"

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