Thursday, August 5, 2010

MySpace Music Artist Upgrade

Those who have a Music Artist page on MySpace will see two new things now: one good, the other maybe not-so-great.

My page is for my music: The Str8 Sounds.

(1) New Admin Panel Dashboard

When I attempted to Edit Profile > Manage/Upload Songs, I was taken to the new GUI (Graphic User Interface).

You must not flinch when you encounter such things on the web. There is stability, and there is also change. This is a change.

It's improved, but you must navigate it to get the hang of it. Pretend there has been no change, no variation. Proceed calmly, as though it was the usual. Plow through it. Get done what you need to accomplish.

There. You made it. Now your interface mentality has changed along with it, you are now ready to do it again.

New file size limit boosted from 20 MB to 50 MB, which ought to cover most songs up to, I guess about 20 minutes long, generally speaking? I have to make my songs in Sony ACID DAW less than 10 minutes max, otherwise the file size will usually surpass the 20 MB limit.

(2) New Profile

The only good thing I can say is you get to display 25 public songs, whereas on the Old Profile your limit is 10.

Don't jump right into this. If you do, you can revert to the old profile. I learned this the hard way. I switched to the New Profile generator, got a busy mess of ads and streams and layout dis-jugglement, and gave up.

I let the mess just hang there. Until a fan warned me it was taking forever to download, was ugly, and ruined by big ads and Facebook type junk. Plus all my content was jing-jangled around.

What a relief when I was able to click on a revert button, and return to the Old Profile. To celebrate, I deleted all my videos and most of the photos. It should be real fast downloading now. I've got a YouTube graphic button linking to my videos, so I don't really need to burden my page with video embeds.

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