Sunday, December 23, 2012

Alternatives to LOL

LOL is too extreme for most cases. I mean, how many times have you actually, literally Laughed Out Loud when you posted LOL as a reply to something?

Isn't it time you made a serious assessment of your use of standard chat room and social media comment acronyms? 

Don't you think the Post Mayan Apocalypse would be a great time to get real and be more honest and accurate in your communications online?

Here are some alternatives that will help you be more authentic and truthful:

ALAT = Almost Laughed At This

GFHAS = Grinned For Half A Second

SBTMOTOT = Smirked, But Then Moved On To Other Things

SFISMC --So Funny I Spewed My Coffee

SMHUIFO -- Shaking My Head Until It Falls Off

CIALB = Chuckled Inside A Little Bit

SALTS = Smiled A Little, Then Stopped

TTWMF = Thought That Was Mildly Funny

AWSABOMF = A Wry Smirk Appeared Briefly On My Face

SCBNL = Slightly Comical But Not Laughable

RMEIPTG = Rolled My Eyes In Partial Transient Gaiety

GHLAMRN Guffawing Hysterically Like A Maniac Right Now
LSHIAPMP -- Laughed So Hard I Almost Peed My Pants

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