Tuesday, December 4, 2012

White Castle Coffee and Website Content

White Castle Coffee now available at Schnucks grocery store. 

Do you think there is any mention of White Castle Coffee on the White Castle website? Of course not. Can you purchase their coffee on their website? Of course not. Is it listed under Food or News or Promotions? Of course not.

 Check out the White Castle website.

I think the art of web design and web content strategy has been completely lost.

It's like we've reverted back to the bad old days when companies proudly proclaimed "We've got a website" or "Check us out online" , but had very little information, no real guide to how to select the right model of product for your needs, no data that differentiated the company from competitors, no strong reasons to buy now.

Knocking out a mediocre website is child's play.

Creating a highly productive, hard working, fully equipped website that looks good, has all the information you need, and has good usability -- rarely happens anymore.

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