Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Submit to Safe Social Media

Prepare yourself for Safe Social Media, stripped of all political views and controversial topics, a communication zone limited to cat photos and gossip about trivial matters, but no more linking to independent thought or criticism of the powers that be.

Sandy Hook marks the Death of Social Media as a means of questioning and protesting. No more criticism. No more dissent. No more non-conformity.

Anything other than the official story will be labeled "misinformation", a public nuisance, an impediment to the  pursuit of compliance with the Monster.

To be on the safe side, I advise you to NOT use social media to question the official story (whatever that happens to be at any given moment) on any tragic events. What law enforcement deems to be "misinformation" could prompt them to investigate, arrest, and prosecute you.

You'll have a good time now. You won't need to express anything but personal data, medical records, and favorite products. Your goal will be total "privacy is dead" transparency, blabbering about things that won't offend anybody.

Welcome to the new world that you let happen.

Obey midget. 

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