Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skittles Pox and Viral TV Commercial Videos

The candy brand Skittles is using TV commercials and YouTube in a strategically correct manner that I heartily endorse. Could your business or non-profit organization come up with a comical way to promote itself?

THIS IS A HUGE opportunity for product differentiation, competitive advantage, marketing reach, and revenue generation.

Every organization should make all its TV commercials viewable on their website -- and provide embed code so fans can act as a free sales force by displaying the videos on their blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

If your videos are really weird, funny, helpful, interesting, unique, or artistic, they could go viral and greatly increase sales.

IF YOU NEED HELP producing effective videos, contact me.

Check out the Skittles channel on YouTube. They have a separate Skittles Pox channel for the 4 videos in this particular series:

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