Friday, December 13, 2013

Anti Social Users of Social Media

Have you noticed the phenomenon of non-interacting users on Facebook?

You click Like and Share, and post comments on their status updates. You want to encourage them, support them, and engage in conversations with them. But they never respond.

They never return the favor. They don't click Like or Share, or post comments, onyour status updates. There is no reciprocity.

And you may even know these people in real life.

Have you ever wondered why they act so insular?

Are these non-interacting users shy? Narcissistic? Uncomfortable with two way communication? Pompous and self-elevated to a level far above the rest of us, in some grandiose delusion? Who knows?

Perhaps they're paranoid, afraid of engaging in conversation and looking foolish. They may not like or share anything you post, because you just bore them to death.

Or maybe...they aren't on social media to socialize. They simply post announcements of life events or thoughts. They want family members and intimate friends to know what's going on in their lives, but they don't much care what's going on in anyone else's lives.

Some Facebook users NEVER read their news feeds.

When they get on Facebook, they just visit their own profile page and post a status update. They don't care about notifications, informing them of Likes, Shares, and comments. They ignore the notifications icon, because they have no interest in others.

They use social media as a billboard advertising their own adventures, like they're writing a journal. Paper journals don't contain any interactivity. They just record a person's thoughts and adventures. So Facebook is just a personal journal, and not a social platform, for such users.

This policy is especially bad for companies who maintain a Facebook presence. To just grind out sales hype and corporate news is not what social media is all about. Here's a terrific opportunity to interact with customers and the public, but instead, most companies just use Facebook as a one-way messaging platform.

Differentiate your company from competitors by actually being sociable on Facebook. Whoever handles your Facebook page, tell them to get out there and interact, share advice, post encouraging comments. click like and share.

People tend to do business with companies they know, like, and trust. Social media is your chance to become better known, more likable, and trustworthy.

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