Sunday, December 22, 2013

Web Error: Linking to Home Page Instead of Information Page

One of the most common website usability errors is to post an update on Facebook telling people to click on a link to get information about a specific topic, but the link takes you to the home page, instead of to the webpage where information can be found.

This mistake is especially bad when, once you arrive at the home page, there is no Search Site box, and no way to discover where that information is located.

Here's an example.

AAA offers Tipsy Tow to drunks, which is a service that drives them home and tows their car home too.

On their Facebook page, they say Tipsy Tow is not available everywhere. Then they provide a link for you to discover where Tipsy Tow is available.

But the link dumps you into the AAA home page. There is no Search Site. There si no Services tab or Tipsy Tow tab. There is no way to discover where that list of Tipsy Tow service areas is at.


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