Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Facebook Your Year in Review 2013 is Too Narcissistic

Are selfies just NOT narcissistic ENOUGH for you?

Do you yearn to have your entire 2013 year summarized in a 20 point story told by your most Liked posts and what you tagged as landmarks in your grandiose social media saga?

Are you fond of waxing nostalgic about your own life, the past 12 months in particular? Let's celebrate your cat photos, lunch reports, weather complaints, inspirational quote posters, and political rantings. Step up to the open mic.

You're an Online Legend in Your Own Mind, a winner of a "major award", called "Your Year in Review 2013" and I advise you to avoid it.

It's too narcissistic.

It's a soggy waffle of self-congratulatory auto-adulation and mirror gazing.

You are so important to all your Facebook friends, you thought they'd enjoy a sweeping inspection of your best scenes and situations, as recorded by status updates?


The only "precious moments" you had was when you were engaged in critical thinking and the analysis of power structures and domination systems, serving others, or developing your expertise. Will those triumphs get the spotlight?

Huffington Post explains "Your Year in Review on Facebook" feature:


Earlier this week, Facebook released its annual Year in Review list highlighting the site's biggest viral trends, check-ins, and things people couldn't stop talking about in 2013. But to make things a little more personal, the social media network also rounded up 20 of your top moments of the year.

New babies, new jobs or just your well-deserved vacation, the social media network has collected some of your top Facebook status updates (we assume depending on likes), best (and unfortunately sometimes worst) tagged photos and even some of the funny wall posts you may have forgotten about.

And true to our Facebook stalking natures, you can also see some of the best moments from your friends' pages, including photos and wall posts about graduations, weddings and all those other precious moments in life.



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