Thursday, April 3, 2014

14 Things Most Pastors Refuse to Preach Against

Ask your pastor why he focuses so much on gay marriage and abortion, but refuses to preach against:

1. Warmongering & war profiteering

2. Exploitation of the poor by the rich

3. Exploitation of the poor by televangelists

4. Gluttony

5. Materialism

6. Mammonism (money worship)

7. Spiritual pride (holier than thou attitude)

8. Megachurching (growing too big for the pastor to handle)

9. CEO pastor syndrome (one guy doing all the sermons and acting as head of the church and using worldly marketing techniques)

10. Nicolaitans (exalting "clergy" above "laity" -- an unbiblical practice)

11. Grossly distorted films on biblical themes

12. Political polarization & argumentation

13. Hypnotically repetitive "praise choruses"

14. Passive spectatorship in church "services"

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Katherine said...

This seems good to mr.thank you.I like your blog