Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More April Fools Day Fun

To calm things down in North Korea, today Barack Hussein Obama appointed Dennis Rodman as Ambassador to North Korea, causing Putin to tweet on Twitter: "Obama, I'll trade Pussy Riot for Dennis Rodman. I could use him in the Ukraine. Please change your mind. Thanks."

"Half Beatle Hits" LP, compiled from the secret collaborations known as The Lost Lennon-Harrison Tapes, to be released in August 2014. Bootlegs of these sessions have been so hard to find, even obsessive collectors are eagerly awaiting this album.

Obama ditches socialism, decides to change US flag as of July 4, 2014.

New Facebook vaccine has been developed that makes you immune to click-bait images, like-farming memes, scams, hoaxes, fake journalism, "breaking news" about missing Malaysian airliners, and games that trick you into posting self-deprecating status updates "for fun." Spammers and con artists are not happy about this.

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