Thursday, April 3, 2014

20 Things To STOP Doing on Facebook

According to MSN Living, there are 20 extremely annoying behaviors on Facebook that you might want to consider not doing anymore:

1. selfies

2. sonograms

3. drunkbooking

4. cardio and fitness updates

5. airing dirty laundry, personal hostilities to "you know who you are"

6. local business bashing

7. polarizing political rants and images

8. relentless food photos

9. hysterical romance tragedy updates

10. relentless self-promotions and marketing for your company

11. oversharing minute details of your life

12. non-local issue petitions

13. kill shelter photos of suffering animals

14. endless baby photos

15. constant complaining, whining, bitching

16. psychotic over-cheerfulness & unrealistic inspirational drivel

17. party announcement & photo overload

18. begging for Likes and Shares to elicit support & sympathy

19. vaguebooking (statements nobody can make sense of, except maybe people who know you intimately or are watching the same TV show you are watching)

20. gross medical problem photos & updates

Read original article. Warning: it's a slide show.

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