Thursday, April 10, 2014

Destroy All Corporate Fluff Website Content

Here's my best web content writing technique. I burn to the ground all "We Oriented" copy. I will not tolerate any business blabbering about itself. I convert all text to "You Oriented" copy. Internet marketing must be customer-centric.

Customers don't care about you. They're worried about their problem, need, or desire. They want to get something done. They want specific information relevant to their situation. They don't have time to wade through the muddy waters of your boring boasts and extravagant but vague claims.

"You have [specific problem]. You seek [specific solution]. You can feel good now. Your problem is about to be solved." This is the general tone and direction of marketing content that connects with customers and differentiates your firmfrom the self-obsessed competition.

Customers have ZERO interest in your company. All they care about is their problem -- and how it can be solved quickly, competently, affordably. That's it.

Sure, there might a tiny bit of curiosity in your company because of a radio commercial, YouTube video, Facebook post, or word of mouth recommendation.

But when that customer gets to your website, it had better be a mirror reflecting themselves, their situation, and a proposed remedy for their dilemma or a perfect fulfillment of their need.

98% of all websites and marketing in general is "we, we, we all the way home" like the 3 little piggies. "We do this" and "we offer that" and "we are so great." It's called corporate fluff and almost everybody does it. No wonder people have such low degrees of brand loyalty.

If you need website content that instantly connects with customers, making them crave your solutions, contact me. Right now, while you're thinking about it.

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