Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bad Website Content Can Be Funny

Your website content must be intelligently written, with a customer-centric and conversational tone, and must adequately answer customer questions in an FAQ or similar format.

Website content can be very strange. So weird, it makes you laugh. 

This website appears to have been written by a person who is terrible in the English language or it's some SEO algorithm that is plugging in keywords without well-written context surrounding them.

No "About Us" page.

"Contact Us" page has no land address, email, or phone number, just a web form to fill out.

Fantastic spammy textual gems like:

"A marketing squads help be certain this develops."

"Harm is actually unstable and really should anyone with any point of one’s."

"This foliage you..."

"Other wonderful attorneys conduct incur it expense..."

"...negligence is against anybody who likely would have prevented a good injury together with intentional not fit for purpose is alongside anyone or the majority of things that offers purposely caused the exact injury one example is domestic battery power."

"Ever accidentally your job in the international area If you possess nearly just about anything to carry out with modern world business, then you’ll want to know of many methods worldwide company law credit card debt you, your business enterprise interest and additionally you’re are usually."

"And then why don’t you the company law scene in your?"

"This lets the attorneys to achieve the word out and about about ones own practice plus their proficiency, while aiding point folks while in the right track."

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