Monday, March 9, 2015

King of Blogocombat Declaration 2015

I coined the term "blogocombat" in my previous role of usability curmudgeon known as Vaspers the Grate (grate as in abrasive, not terrific). I owned the term by using it myriads upon myriads of times, every chance I got, on my own blog and in comments and articles all over the Internet.

Do a Google search on "blogocombat" and see how the first 300 items are attributed to me. It was fun to explore different styles of online discussions.

I enjoy brief debates on Facebook, as long as I don't have to type much. 

I prefer to encourage, rather than correct. Playing the role of Avenging Angel whenever I spot a wrong opinion or an abysmally uninformed remark, who has time for that?

At best, if I'm really energized and bored, I'll give my scholarly insight, bolster it with a few links, perhaps even retaliate against a contrary view comment with a minor albeit caustic clarification, a sturdy statement of the intent I meant, or an example from Search Engine Land, SEO By the Sea, or Google Developer Web Fundamentals, and I'm done.

Long-winded, impassioned, super serious and strident "agree with me or perish" blogo-jousting -- I avoid nowadays. 

I'm too busy to mess with such wrangling like I once did, way back in 2005, when I was perfecting the advanced techniques of troll smashing. 

I'll chase a troll out of a thread once in a while, just to remind myself of how effective my esoteric methods are, but it's just a game now, nothing serious, not a topic I really care about or know much about. 

Frustrating a troll to the point they declare "I'm done with this thread" is still a gratifying experience, even after all these many previous triumphs.

So it makes sense to stay in the game.

That way, I stay up to date on the latest troll mutations, like the Recipe Troll, who was saying things like "I don't really have an opinion about this, but here's a great recipe for Alabama Blueberry Muffins" accompanied by the recipe.

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