Monday, March 2, 2015

Martyr vs. Murderer: What will you die for?

Terrorism and crime provokes Mind to the serious consideration of unexpected, externally imposed termination of self. This personality of yours -- can it endure torture? Kidnapping? Etc.?

What horrible things to think about. But this is where we are, and there's no reason to avoid it. What do you confront all this negativity with, what is it inside you that fights back against nihilism?

Your love of universal liberty and your devotion to human progress? Or just the naked will to survive as a conscious being?

How much does it take to make you snap, explode in an angry outburst, or -- shiver with fear, meekly self-censor to conform, or abandon all your beliefs and principles in order to save your skin or escape a pre-death hell?

Mind observes the price of sacrifice, it bites into the imagination and leaves a hole where you don't want to go. You want to live and be happy. Others want to destroy and spread misery.

Life is not about longevity and joy only.

What are you willing to die for? Not "kill for", but die for? A martyr is the opposite of a murderer. Martyrs always triumph over murderers, as day vanquishes night.

As peace subdues war, and as health overcomes illness, compassion and non-violence are the guaranteed victors as will be seen in the time of culmination.

Are you easy to dissuade or stubborn, even in the face of the grim reaper? What would you commit to authentically, deeply, with your entire being, even if your life is lost in the process? What is your soul or psyche's bottom line?

Where you draw your line in the sand determines who you really are.

PHOTO ABOVE by Steven Streight. 
Peoria city hall sculpture - "Love Knows No Caste" - by Fritz Triebel

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