Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Controlled Bleeding does Pink Floyd and King Crimson

I always liked Controlled Bleeding, ever since I discovered the band when I lived in NYC. One of their best albums is "Trudge."

Controlled Bleeding: "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd cover) video:

Controlled Bleeding: "Talking Drum" (King Crimson cover) video:

Wikipedia states:


Controlled Bleeding have been highly prolific since 1983, putting out more than 30 full-length releases on labels such as Dossier, Wax Trax!, Subterranean, Soleilmoon, and Roadrunner.
Controlled Bleeding's total recorded output spans many different genres including harsh noise, dub, progressive rock, industrial dance, metal, gothic, darkwave, classical, sacred music, ambient, free jazz improvisation, and musique concrète.

Through the 80s and 90s, the group jumped from genre to genre; they would often release two or more full-length albums of music in the same year featuring radically different musical styles.

Controlled Bleeding's music is difficult to categorize, not only because of the experimental and varied nature of their work, but also because of the confusing ways in which their music has been released over the years.

Some of the band's releases are made of remixed earlier material from multiple other releases, sometimes with new or missing song titles.

The band's full-length releases occasionally contain material that jumps abruptly between multiple disparate genres; most strikingly, tracks of harsh noise appear on releases that are otherwise not noise-based.

Additionally, in some cases, later CD issues of their original LPs are renamed, heavily remixed, or feature different tracks altogether, due to the group's desire to "improve" earlier material.

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