Wednesday, March 27, 2013

AARP Sucks

AARP  is now airing a very stupid TV commercial. 

AARP is the American Association of Retired People. Some say the letters stand for Always Against Real Progress.

I was quite annoyed at the AARP commercial where a senior citizen is stopped by a state trooper who asks for the driver's license, proof of insurance, and AARP membership card -- thus implying that if you don't have an AARP card, you could be in trouble with law enforcement and maybe go to jail.

Now AARP has a TV commercial which shows a stream of strangers knocking on the door of a senior couple's home. They are pestering the seniors with sales pitches and even invading the interior of their home and dancing on tables and other nonsense.

This is a gross misunderstanding of customer psychology on the part of AARP. Elderly people don't want strangers banging on their door, trying to con them into buying junk, or entering their home and prancing around.

It's a great example of what I constantly refer to as "we, we, we all the way home" mentality that is commonly exhibited in websites and other marketing. This ignorant TV commercial is presenting the AARP discount from the perspective of AARP, instead of from the customer's perspective.

Far better would be to show the wife sitting at a table with a big pile of cash. Husband comes home and sees it. "Where did that cash come from?" he asks. She replies, "It's the money we're saving, thanks to our AARP discounts."

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