Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Trolls Use Mind Control to Tear People Down

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Trolls often use techniques that are commonly used in mind control and brainwashing. It's possible that they themselves were victims of ruthless personality disintegration. The idea is to wreck a person's feelings of self-worth, dismantle their psychic integrity, and overthrow their inner equilibrium.

We all harbor thoughts of guilt and remorse, but we balance them with self-adoring and self-justifying thoughts. We may admit mistakes of the past and current deficiencies, while making excuses and concluding that we're not totally terrible or worthless people.

Lacking a painfully in-depth self-persecution, we are vulnerable to radical attacks that are designed to force our minds to fall apart.

Very few people have engaged in no-holds-barred introspection that leads to genuine horror and urgent desire to confess our inner ugliness and seek to repent and make amends.

This is what the cult, cyberbully, and troll are banking on. They have been demolished psychologically and new seek to inflict this experience on others. Maliciously. Sadistically. A misanthropic glee excites them as they poke their probing spears into your psychic flesh and make you squirm, panic, and deteriorate.

They attempt to tear you down and destroy your personality by relentlessly accusing you, needling you, provoking you barbarically, to the point where you become completely disoriented and in absolute despair.

When your self image has been ferociously dismantled, your mind is vulnerable to being filled with the group's ideas. 

Your personality is replaced with one that mirrors the agenda of your manipulator. Like a vacuum, you mind craves something to fill it. The cult is quite happy to oblige. However, the troll is only interested in deconstructing you and defeating your opinion. Once the troll has humiliated you and trashed your viewpoint, they move on to the next victim.

The difference between a troll and a cult is the troll doesn't have a program to sell you. The cult wants to force you to pay money for an experience and pester all your friends and family into joining. The troll just wants you to agree with them that you're an idiot, a loser, and a wrongheaded hypocrite. 

The troll envies you and the conversation you're having online. He hates how a group of social media community members is in harmony. He even hates it when a heated discussion occurs. He wants to stir up discontent, trouble, riots.

The troll is jealous of secure people with self-confidence and strong views. He seeks to rob you of those opinions and make you appear stupid.

He wants more than diversity of views or intense debate. He wants torture, torment, and suicide. The troll or cyberbully wants to inflict mental anguish and psychic pain. 

He models himself after the cult leader or the sadistic psychiatrist.

In a malevolent self-improvement program (billed as a "life changing event"), you might be asked to give a speech to the group, a short summary of your life history. When you're done, the leader will ruthlessly attack you, caling you a jerk, hypocrite, or outrageously filthy names.

You will be shocked at the unexpected hostility. This is designed to put you off balance, to disarm your self-protective routines. At first you'll be embarrassed, but this is just preparation to start viciously shaming you to the point of self-loathing.

The leader will then tell you that in your life story, you took credit for every good thing and success you achieved, and you blamed others for every bad thing and failure you experienced.

Trolls, cyberbullies, authoritarian religious sects, and "personal development" (sensitivity training) cults use similar tactics. But they don't need your life story. They'll pounce on the material that's available in the comment thread.

Trolls will accuse you of something. You defend yourself. Then they accuse you of something else. You defend yourself again. If you allow them to keep it up, they may be able to trap you into a contradiction, which they'll use against you.

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