Monday, March 11, 2013

GroupOn is Skanky Scum VIDEO

GroupOn is a total failure and the Andrew Mason's CEO resignation letter is an arrogant, smug pile of filth. 

Andrew Mason is like Ken Lay or Bernie Madoff. Small business people get screwed, and he has no conscience.

Why does the tech community think this is cool or funny? Is Silicon Valley that idiotic and corrupt?

Discount coupons generally are used by shoppers who want a quick savings. They tend to fail at generating repeat business. Coupon shoppers hop from one discount to another, with no brand or store loyalty. Small business see some revenue, but lose by paying coupon website listing fees and offering merchandise or services at steep discounts.


New Yorker "Groupon's Bad Deal"

Huffington Post Business "Groupon Needs to Disrupt Again"

CNN Money "Groupon Fires CEO"

(Image above from CNN Money)

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