Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Relationship to the Now

How are you and the Present getting along? Are you ruining the current moment with regrets about the Past -- or fears about the Future?

If you could live your life all over again, I can almost guarantee this: you would probably mess up even more. Why? Because you'd be arrogant about what you know now, and it would cause you to be too aggressive, leading you into more trouble and failure.

If you wish your future to be exactly as you dream about it, you'd probably be miserable. Why? Because your dream of a perfect future might be a lot more problematic than you realize. The things you hope to have might backfire on you.

So it's best to remain in the now. It's all we really have anyway. 

Learn from the past, look forward to a bright tomorrow, but invest in the current moment. Do your utmost to make today as perfect as possible. 

Painful introspection and dark dismay about your history can be very good -- for a while. If it compels you to make a new beginning and get on the right track. But if it drags you down into depression and hounds you like a ferocious demon -- that's not good.

Face the facts about your past mistakes. Scold your former self for being so stupid, selfish, or too trusting. Then move on mentally with renewed vigor and joy. You're still alive and relatively free. 

You can make the final chapters of your life beautiful, with the help of God, the support of friends, and continued self-awareness.

Be here now means, quit condemning yourself for what you did long ago. Stop beating yourself up for a dumb action yesterday. Quit slapping yourself silly for past behaviors.

Where are you? You're right here. What time is it? It's right now. Then act like it. Act like you are right here, right now. You're not the exact same person you were years ago. You've achieved new realizations. Life is a journey with many weird and unfortunate side tracks. Get back on the good path and stay on it.

You don't have to live any tomorrows before they arrive. Keep your day of death in mind, but use that realization of your mortality to spur you on to make the most of the present moment.

Be here now. Do something right now that is positive, and keep doing it with each successive moment. Say goodbye to the past and later on to the future. Say hello to the now and turn it into a wonderful event.

People can improve. Some can even experience radical, positive transformation.

I'm cheering you on.

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