Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Most "Noble" Profession in the World?

Some blogger posted "Most Noble Professions in the World". It's weird that she considers only three professions to be "noble": Teacher/Educator, Doctor/Healer, and Writer/Orator.

I wonder if she has offended the Artists, Farmers, Homemakers, Babysitters, Musicians, Composers, Laborers, Engineers, Architects, Actors, Dancers, Pastors, Chefs, Mechanics, Police, Fire Fighters, Historians, Carpenters, and Diplomats.

Lists like this seem frivolous to me. It's like "Most Important Tools in the World" or "Most Interesting People of History." It's highly subjective and based on personal definitions.

What is meant by "noble"? Why is a teacher more "noble" than a plumber? In what way is a novelist more important than an electrician? How is a doctor more "noble" than a farmer? If you have no food, you won't need a doctor, you'll need a grave digger. At least that's a "shovel ready job."

Just because someone classifies a profession as "noble" does not mean there aren't horrible people in that profession.

Hundreds of years ago, the parasitical nobility and in-bred royalty despised merchants. Then the merchants became richer and more powerful than the princes, dukes and earls.

You might consider marketing to be "not noble" -- until you need to sell something. You might think lawyers are sleazy -- until you are accused of a crime or falsely arrested. You might look down upon factory workers -- until you realize they made most of what makes your life pleasant.

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