Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All You Can Eat marketing idea

A friend of mine said his parents are taking him to the All You Can Eat for his birthday tomorrow. Not understanding his meaning, I asked, "The what?" He said, "The All You Can Eat." I asked, "You mean Golden Corral or Hometown Buffet?" He replied, "Hometown Buffet."

Actually, this misnomer is a good marketing idea. Customers call things what they want to call them, and often it has nothing to do with advertising campaigns or sophisticated branding efforts. You should pay close attention to what your customers say about your company. The best marketing ideas come from their lips.

If an all you can eat buffet called itself All You Can Eat Buffet, it would probably be successful. Gluttonous people, hard working people with big appetites, and lovers of plenty of food would greatly appreciate this name.

The name All You Can Eat says it all. The benefit is wrapped up in this name. It contains the psychological trigger that people respond to.

"Let's go to the All You Can Eat tonight!"


If you like this marketing concept, you should listen to me expound upon the Eat and Sleep. 

This is a type of restaurant that provides small, train car sleeping quarters for the budget minded traveler. Instead of leaving the eatery to go to an expensive hotel room, where all you do is sleep anyway, the Eat and Sleep combines dining and slumber in one economical package.

You attended a conference or a sales meeting that lasted into the evening hours. You're tired and hungry. So you go to the Eat and Sleep. You have your meal, a few drinks, then, without traveling by car, bus, subway, or taxi cab, you retire for needed rest.

There is a bathroom with showering and bathtub facilities. You go to bed in your little train car sleeper module, get up the next morning, clean up and shave, change your clothes, and off you go to the next appointment, all at one low priced rate.

Dine and the Eat and Sleep.

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