Monday, July 15, 2013

PC Matic sexist TV commercials

Sexism is alive and well in advertising today. Case in point: PC Matic.

PC Matic's first TV commercials had a woman educating a male about PC Matic. It ended with the lady grabbing the car keys, saying "Girls' night out."

That was quickly shelved, to be replaced by TV commercials with men educating females about PC Matic.

There are new PC Matic television commercials coming out periodically, but NEVER do they show a woman being smart about computer viruses and telling a man to get PC Matic.

Here's the earlier pro-female PC Matic TV commercial.

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Anonymous said...

They ran that commercial for a long time... but what are you talking about. they made her out to be a whore that was getting some on the side.... They did a short-lived commercial w/ the same woman talking about how she loved her husband Otto, as opposed to presenting her as a tart...