Thursday, July 18, 2013

Frankengerbil and Other Not For SyFy Horror Films

SyFy, home to wretchedly stupid and endlessly imitative "science fiction" made for TV movies is going ahead with "Sharknado 2".

This means there may still be hope for my own science fiction horror TV shows:

(1) Frankengerbil (A young boy's gerbil is brought back from the dead with terrifying results).

(2) Dancing With the Scars (Horribly mutilated has-beens compete in sickeningly tragic dance competitions).

(3) Zompire (A baseball umpire gets bit by a vampire and a zombie -- then gets revenge on over-paid gangster-athletes).

(4) Android Rage (An innocent android is kidnapped and forced to have electro-chemical steroid injections, then becomes a robotic thug monster).

(5) Bad Hair Night (A woman has a rare scalp disease that causes her hair to grow extra fast [and can't be cut without causing her extreme pain] and have a mind of its own -- as she sleeps, the coils of ridiculously long hair unravel, sneak out, still attached to her head, and commit heinous crimes that are somehow connected with her subconscious).

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