Sunday, July 14, 2013

Facebook Hide Story Options

On Facebook, when you didn't like a certain photo or text update appearing in your news feed of posts by users you have friended or are following, you used to be able to click on Follow Post --or -- Hide Story.

Now it's Follow Post -- or -- I Don't Want To See This.

When you click on I Don't Want to See This, you get this pop up:

Hide all posts from [Facebook user name]

Why don't you want to see this?

__ It's annoying or not interesting

__ I think it shouldn't be on Facebook

__ It's spam


Here are some further options I recommend Facebook add to reasons for hiding a story:

___ It's another doggone cat photo

___ It's too personal, and I don't want to delve that deeply into their private life, which is a mess

___ It's another relentless posting of inspirational quotes

___ It's a hoax

___ It's extremist partisan political propaganda

___ It's just plain stupid

___ It's untrue

___ It's ugly

___ I disagree with it and hate to see the expression of contrary views

___ It offends my religious faith

___ It offends my race, nationality, income class, skin color, ethnicity, or sexual disorientation

___ It is trying to hypnotize me with glitter, stars, and hearts

___ I'm tired of all these "I hate my boyfriend" reports from this person

___ It's another debunked announcement and I'm tired of posting a comment link to Snopes

___ It offends my artistic sensibilities and aesthetic standards

___ It's another instance of vaguebooking, which should be prohibited in Terms of Service

___ It's like-farming

___ It's too emotional

___ It's copied and pasted without Googling it and discovering how it's disinformation

___ It's another "Good Morning" or "Good Night" post like we're at The Waltons or summer camp

___ No reason, I just don't feel like looking at it, too tired to explain why

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