Thursday, January 1, 2015

How To Find a Job in 2015

90% of getting hired is something that most job applicants fail to do. Prove you understand and can do the job.

Most applicants are too worried about playing the interview game, which sucks. Don't play the "12 tough questions" game. Bypass it. Zoom right into what the job requires and how you meet or exceed those requirements.

Prove you can do the job. That's how you get a job.

Especially if you have displayed your proof of expertise in a blog, website, social media updates, video gallery, or photo portfolio, whatever is appropriate for your field.

You should interrupt the job interview at some point, and say something like, "May I now explain what I think this job entails and why I believe I can do it better than most applicants probably would?"

You must, in a nice and non-arrogant manner, seize command of the interview, in supreme self-assuredness based on experience, training, and self-guided learning.

You must not play along with the silly games PR people play, with all their weird "gotcha" questions and logical conundrums.

Cut to the chase. Instead of worrying about how to answer "What are some of your weak points?" or "Where do you want to be in 20 years?" -- drive right to the heart of the matter.

Can you do the job and get along with the staff, or not?

That's all that matters.

Assuming that you have also dressed appropriately, arrived early for the interview, are not chewing gum, don't stink, keep upgrading your skills, avoid acting too chummy or desperate, and other basics of self-presentation.




Thus, PROVE you can solve the problems, and you'll be employed.

Most applicants have not done any research on the company.

Most applicants are visibly desperate for a job.

Most applicants think getting hired is a matter of "luck."

Most applicants think they can charm their way to a job if they're pleasant enough.

Most applicants don't want to try new approaches to getting a job.

Most applicants care more about salary and benefits than what the company does and how much they'll enjoy or not enjoy the work.

Most applicants think if they answer tricky interview questions better than others, they'll get the job.

Most applicants think sending out hundreds of resumes, and going to lots of interviews, is a valid job hunting tactic.

Most applicants only seek advertised jobs, rather than searching for a company that could use their skills, whether or not a job position is being recruited.

Most applicants think that the more resumes they send out and the more interviews they have, the closer they get to landing a job.

All these myths are untrue in today's world. Too many people are sending out resumes and going to interviews. Most of them are not getting hired. It's a waste of everybody's time in most cases.

Ask questions about the job, decide if you can handle it, then prove that you can do the job.

Talk about how you solved similar or worse problems.

Show the interviewer your blog and videos where you display your knowledge and talents.

Show them where reputable publications have published your brilliant articles.

Show them a photo of you doing the job, using the right tool to get the desired results.

Tell them what the industry has defined as the Top 5 Problems and how you would solve them.

Explain the Top 5 Biggest Mistakes that are done in this position and how you would avoid them.

That's how you get hired or gain new clients.

It's that simple.

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