Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Personal Drone Lands on White House Grounds

Personal Quadcopter drone presents potential threat to Obama.

Personal drones are already making a nuisance of themselves at the very top of the heap. That didn't take long.

Here's a text and video news report by ABC News on the drone that landed on the White House grounds.


Defense of the White House is really poor, as news reports of easy breaches and fence jumpers keep coming. Common sense solutions are non-existent.

Why is the Secret Service so clueless and sloppy? Is this just incompetence, or is it verging on masochism?

A bullet pierced a White House window, but Secret Service didn't even know about it for 4 days.

What's next? Google Glass augmented reality spectacles left in the White House, video-recording its surroundings, and uploading to some rogue Tor site?

Signs of Sloppy SEO

Sometimes businesses get sloppy with their websites, especially when it comes to SEO and ROI.

You need SEO to attract qualified customers to your website. And to rise higher and higher in Google search results for your top keywords and long tail phrases. Just building a website does not mean it will do anything for you. 

There are many ways to decrease the productivity and effectiveness of your website.

Slim content. 

Failure to respond to relevant news items concerning your field. 

Not providing great answers to typical customer questions.

Poorly written content.

News page not updated frequently.

No blog posts grinding out fresh, original, link-worthy content.

Bad webpage title tags.

No meta description.

No XML site map.

No robots protocols.

More than one H1 tag and using H tags for content text formatting rather than indicating subcategories.

No call to action on every page.

Insufficient content on About page, with failure to provide company history, community involvement, charity work, trade associations, certifications, and awards.

Lack of webpages based on hot topics in your field.

PHOTO top of post: The Star.com

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