Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Streight SEO to provide SEO and social marketing for Amazon

I will be providing SEO and content marketing expertise to Amazon corporate, specifically in the area of recruiting, via my colleague Job Abraria who will be moving to Seattle soon to work in the Amazon offices.

We had a great time at Bogie's restaurant. I explained how Amazon can attract quality talent for their job openings, by using Mobile, Video, and Social. We identified what most recruiters are doing wrong and what needs job seekers have in their search for a good position.

By implementing SEO, user-centric content, leading edge technologies, and effective social platforms, any business can skyrocket past all competitors, most of whom talk the talk, but fail miserably at the walk.

With simple but hardcore strategies, focusing on the meat, the real heart of the situation, in a unique and clever manner, you can easily gain competitive advantage and achieve branding dominance.

Job is a recruiting specialist and creative marketing strategist. I would toss out an idea he never thought of before, then he would immediately describe how to implement it and expand it. He didn't require any passionate explanations. He instantly would get it and take it to the next level. What a team we are already!

Combining my expertise with his for Amazon is going to be an exciting and fun adventure.

If you're a Peoria, IL area business, or a global corporation, Google-compliant SEO is what I can provide for good ROI. If you want documented results from your website and internet marketing, contact me.

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