Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nosebook olfactory social media programmers needed

Looking for investors and programmers (C++, C#, Objective-C, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS,, Python, Ruby, etc. -- and strong experience in the new "Digital Olfaction and Gustation" programming language, obviously) for my new social media platform Nosebook.

Nosebook engages a new digitized sensory experience that can tell you a lot more than mere words or pictures.

One whiff -- and you get the entire story. Scent updates, aroma shares, smelly hash tags, odor ads -- fragrancing your way to friendship, the new old fashioned way.

Many organizations are excited about Nosebook and other forms of aroma, scent, and fragrance transmission via smell-sensor web browsers. No more need for incense, aromatherapy oils, or room deodorizers. Just go to the internet for the exact stink you seek.

Not good at putting your thoughts or feelings into words? 

Use smell signification systems to communicate more authentically.

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