Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#1 Lie about Websites - Build it and they will come

Biggest Myth about Websites

"Build it and they will come" is the biggest lie, the #1 misleading statement that is made about websites.
There are millions of websites on the internet that get no traffic. They were built -- but no one is coming. 
You must promote your website on Facebook and other platforms. But first, you have to get your web content right.
Content -- frequent, relevant, original, well-written, keyword-rich CONTENT on your website or blog. That's what drives traffic to a website. Along with some other SEO factors and link building tactics.

You can track results from your website easily. 

One way is by having a dedicated phone number that is used ONLY on your website. Every call that comes to your business from that number will be because the customer visited your website. Make the phone numbers clickable, so the customer just clicks on it from your website.
Website productivity down? Contact form is dead? No email inquiries? Phones not ringing? Cash registers not singing? Maybe you need some business expertise and professional solutions.
I'm currently providing internet marketing, online branding, web content development, and SEO for hospitals, insurance companies, accounting firms, tax preparation services, financial institutions, manufacturers, agriculture, and event planners.
Where do you want to be with your internet marketing or ecommerce? 
Let me show you how to win.

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