Sunday, December 21, 2014

Brogrammers blame North Korea for Sony hack

Brogrammers are merrily bashing North Korea and feeling virile as they do it.

(BROther proGRAMMER) A macho programmer. A brogrammer is tongue-in-cheek slang for a high-tech geek who works out a lot in the gym, is popular with the opposite sex, likes to party and is admired by his buddies for his flair and super coolness. To affect the look, brogrammers are known to wear sunglasses a lot of the time. 

See tech bros.

Others say brogrammers aren't so lucky in love, but like to wildly exaggerate their romantic adventures (assuming they have any) while preventing females from entering the tech field cave they inhabit in cubicles or long desks.

Blaming the Sony hack on North Korea gives the digital druid brogrammers a grandiose opportunity to mock a small cultish dictatorship and brag about supposed US superiority because we invented the Internet.

But they don't appear to grasp just how vulnerable US corporate networks are, due to resistance to investing in adequate up-to-date network security, risky email distributions, and socially engineered users.

Nor do they seem to understand spoofed IPs, malware propagations, advanced persistent threats, or anything else about cyber warfare.

If you're young and combative and want to make a difference in this world, consider the career of Defensive Cyberspace Operations Engineer (CSFI-DCOE).

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