Monday, December 29, 2014

Finding a Job and Recruiting Talent in 2015

If you're using old fashioned methods to find a job, no wonder you're not successful.
Sending out resumes, filling out applications, going to interviews, attending jobs fairs -- none of these work much anymore.
You need stealth tactics, social media skills, and high tech savvy.
You need to get employers and clients coming to you, instead of you groveling around going to them with that pleading look on your face and desperation oozing from every pore.
How do you get them coming to you?
By proving you can do the job.
By describing how you've done similar jobs.
By displaying on YouTube videos of you solving a problem or showcasing your expertise, answering questions, explaining a mission critical concept.
By discussing typical problems encountered in this position -- and what steps you'd take to solve them.
By trumpeting the horns of your expertise.
Loudly. Relentlessly. Pleasingly. Helpfully. Persistently. Confidently. Calmly. Enthusiastically. Understatedly. Appropriately. Smartly. Humorously. Soberly. Professionally. Strategically. SEO Savvy-ically.
You need to have a blog, website,, Google+, Facebook presence that is overflowing with anecdotes, how to tips, video tutorials, comparison charts, educational information, debate, assertions, affirmations, research results -- related to your expertise or talents.
You must become Top of Mind Choice when anybody thinks about a problem your service can solve.
You must prove yourself to be creative, intelligent, social, leading edge, authentic, authoritative, specialized, tech-empowered, and trustworthy.
You do this via what you post online in easily findable web real estate.
You do this by considering everything you do to be ultimately PR, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Job-oriented.
Focus on explaining your field, how you've helped clients and employers, videos showing you doing it, articles on hot topics related to your expertise, interpreting industry news, documenting your achievements, displaying testimonials, listing endorsements, linking to your other websites and online presences.
If you seek a job, learn what recruiters are saying about how they find top talent. If you seek to fill a position, find out how workers are talking about that job description and career path.
First, it’s important to understand that employee retention isn’t an initiative, a program or a project. It needs to be a way of life. As managers, executives and business owners, we often spend a great deal of time and expense marketing our company to our prospective clients, our current clients, and even our communities. With that said, it’s incredibly common to forget to market your company to your most important audience — your employees.
While salary and overall compensation are important to just about all professionals, can you guess the number one reason I hear when I ask people why they want to leave their current role?
Give up? The answer is boredom or stagnation. People either feel unchallenged, dead-ended or don’t have visibility into the long-term plan of the company.


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