Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Your Competitors Don't Understand SEO

Want a large competitive advantage for your business? 

Your competitors don't understand SEO. That's an Achilles heel you can easily and quickly leverage.

SEO is something you can seize as an opportunity to increase sales and brand loyalty. And divert web traffic away from your competitors and direct to your website.

You can gain this strong commercial advantage in a totally legitimate Google-compliant manner. You simply install correctly written meta tags, H tags, image alt attributes, photo titles, captions, and other SEO values in your website. 

Add some appropriate unpaid directory listings. 

Develop link-worthy, search-friendly content pages that drill down into deep expertise. Promote your web content and blog posts in Facebook and GooglePlus.

Keeping adding frequent, keyword-savvy, informative (not just promotional) content via News page, blog, and social media.

Do these few simple things and you'll zoom past your competitors on search results pages.

With the right types and amounts of authoritative, helpful content, qualified customers will benefit from your website and be more prone to buy something from you.

Implement structured markup microdata.

Much more is involved with SEO and web content development, but get going on these issues and you'll be off to a great start.

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