Saturday, December 6, 2014

SEO is your secret weapon

Why SEO Gives You Marketing Superiority

You gain a substantial competitive advantage when you implement Google-compliant SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is mysterious to most business people and web designers. It requires extensive reading and experimentation. SEO is easily bungled. Some mistakes can be incredibly expensive, or time-consuming, to fix.

Chances are, your competitors, even the largest, are either not doing SEO or they're doing it with out-of-date techniques or even old, dubious gimmicks that no longer work. 

You can prove this yourself. 

Just use any free SEO tool, like the SEO Quake diagnostic tool to do an evaluation. Just paste their website URL into the tool.

Use it on any competitor's website. Pick one that's wildly successful, one you would bet is doing SEO fantastically. You'll probably see many SEO violations, errors, or missed opportunities.

I'll bet the HTML title, meta description, and H tags are misconfigured. This is extremely common. Or perhaps there are a lot of img alt attributes missing from their photos. Maybe they have no site map, robots protocols, web feed, favicon, or Google analytics installed.

Their content may be poorly written. There may not be sufficient information to explain a topic, issue, problem, need, process, or product. Slim content is not valued as highly as rich, keyword-savvy content that matches a customer search query.

If your competitor has no blog, then they're not grinding out fresh, frequent, relevant content. Your company can now exploit this deficiency by hiring a professional with expertise in your field to blog regularly. Google seeks recent, well written, authoritative content that is original and not being duplicated all over the internet.

Website content also tends to be "we-oriented". It's not written as a conversation with a customer, but rather it's presented as corporate bragging.

We have the best products and selection. We have this great facility. We do this and that. We've been around a long time. We provide superior service. We have affordable prices. We. We. We. All the way home.

Customer-centric web content results in more sales and brand loyalty. Use "you" and "your" as much as possible and translate specifications and features into real world, simplified benefit statements. Use strong calls to action.

Each mistake by your competitor is a serious vulnerability. Each bad SEO choice they make is an opportunity for your website to be better than theirs, and to attract more qualified customer traffic to your business.

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