Sunday, December 28, 2014

Streight SEO global reach SEO services

Trusted Source of SEO Expertise

Streight SEO, via the Pluperfecter blog, has been a global source of SEO best practices and web content development expertise.

Since 2000, web usability testing, ecommerce landing page optimization, webpage content writing, YouTube video, CEO blogging, SEO auditing, Facebook promotions, and other internet marketing programs have been designed and implemented.

The newest professional SEO blog, Pluperfecter, was launched in May 2008 after experimenting since 2004 with Vaspers the Grate, Corporate Blog Revolution, Blog Core Values, and other marketing blogs.

Currently providing SEO for banks, hospitals, insurance companies, energy companies, musicians, heavy equipment manufacturers, agriculture test developers, event planners, and tourism associations.

If you need creative, effective, leading edge web content strategy, social marketing tactics, and  Google-compliant SEO -- let's get it done. 

Smart SEO has great ROI.


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