Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Early SEO Success for Accounting Firm

I'm doing SEO and blogging for a brand new accounting firm with a brand new website.

If you understand SEO even a little, you know that a brand new website takes a long time to curry favor with Google, because Google doesn't trust new websites, and factors their lack of longevity as a negative SEO value. 

This is because spammers generate new websites all the time, as Google catches on to their black hat gimmicks and removes them from search results pages.

So my client has a website that is only about 2 months old and does not have very many blog posts yet. Regarding competitors, Manta lists 83 accounting firms in Peoria, IL. There are more than that, businesses who are not listed on the Manta directory.

I'm happy to state that tonight, using "small business accounting peoria il" as search query, my client ranks #2 on page 4 of search results, in other words, #42 already. The goal, of course, is to rank #1 on page 1, but this is an excellent start for a new website and a new company.

This means that already my client has defeated half of his competitors in this search category. They have beat 41 competitors for this search query. And we have only just begun.

SEO is never an instant success story, especially for a brand new company with a brand new website. So we are very excited and happy to see this great start for their ongoing SEO program.

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